Friday, November 13, 2009

Glee Post Of The Week

Perhaps instead of having a Crush Of The Week post, I should have a Glee Post Of The Week. Truly, its the only thing I'm crushing on lately, and I'm crushing HARD.

One word. Puck.

Can I get a what-what? What's better than Puck in a suit?

Answer: The Glee dudes as bobblehead Chippendale dancers.

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Kristina P. said...

He is definitely a hottie.

NIKOL said...

That clip from JibJab even made Artie look hot. I mean...obviously not Puck-level hotness. But he has a certain charm.

Karen said...

Seriously. I hate the fact that he plays a teenager, even though he's obviously NOT.

The men of Glee are all pretty awesome, but Puck is, by far, the hottest.

peewee said...

I am in love with Glee more than life itself. I didn't even LIKE Puck until the last episode. I am team Finn. But Puck was adorable when he stole the handicapable money for Quinn. Men are SO HOT when they steal for you!