Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best. Casting. Ever.

OMG, have you heard the news that Sascha Baron Cohen (the Borat guy) is going to play Freddie Mercury in the movie about Queen?! 

I. Am.  So.  Excited about this!  Like more excited than I was to eat gourmet cupcakes.  Like, crazy, out of my mind, excited.  Like, Glee Live concert, excited.

Queen is one of my most favorite bands ever, and I think SBC is the perfect person to play Freddie.  Filming won't start until next year, but I will be counting down the days until it premieres.

Are you with me?!?!  I'm picturing the opening day audience to be fabulously flambouyant and covered in glitter, leather, or meat.  Guess which one I'll be wearing.

And to my husband, who claims that SBC is the wrong person to play Freddie, because SBC is too tall....?  Are you high?  Whatswrongwitchu?  Go back to listening to RUSH, and don't poop on my parade.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

When I walked into a particularly stinky public restroom this week with my five year old daughters, one of them said...

"Ew.  It smells like OLD LADY in here."

Then this morning, while trying to get the whole household ready and out the door for school, she said....

"Stop asking me so many questions at once.  I only have one head, you know!"

We have parent-teacher conference this afternoon with their kindergarten teacher.  I can't wait to hear what little gems they've spouted off to their teacher.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Netflix,

Buy more copies of the new releases already!  I shouldn't have to time it perfectly so that I return a movie on the exact date that a new release comes out so that I can get it without having it listed as "very long wait" for three months straight.

All three of my movies have been sent back and were received by you today, Tuesday, which is new-movie-release day.  For once, I DID time it perfectly.  But guess what?  ALL of the new releases that I put at the very tippy top of my list are already waitlisted.

What gives?

If your membership has grown exponentially, like I think it has, you may want to invest in some extra copies of those new releases.  (hint: Dexter Season 4, Letters to Juliet, and Prince of Persia would be nice, thnx).  What?  I think serial killers, rom-coms, and sweaty, shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal make a good combo.

Hurry up, mmkay?  Otherwise I'm going to start watching too many new tv season shows and then I'll be too busy watching regular tv that I'll just cancel my Netflix subscription completely.  Is that what you want? 

I didn't think so.