Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Glee Post Of The Week

Peek A Boo!

Break Me Off A Piece Of That!

Last night, I had dinner with some of my best girlfriends, and we exchanged stocking stuffers. I was the lucky recipient of several New Moon items, including a Jacob melting heart chocolate candy, some Jacob pins, a pack of New Moon trading cards, and this...the piece de resistance.

My very own custom made Edward Cullen cookie! Complete with glitter sparkly skin!

Edward, I am totally going to bite your face off. I bet you're delicious.

My friends are the coolest. Thanks Janet, Lisa & Nikol!

ETA: Now that I think about it a little more, that wooden stick in the cookie has taken on a new meaning.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family: Another Name For Dysfunction

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Do you all have crazy family stories to share? If so, don't keep that crazy all bottled up for yourself! Misery loves company! Let's share in the torture, shall we? Here's a brief little exchange I had with my in-laws this weekend.

I was explaining to the in-laws that we wouldn't be in town for Christmas this year because we are going to visit my 89 year-old grandma in Minnesota who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I explained that she's never seen our twins and that this might be our last chance. Then my sister-in-law piped in with this gem of a response...

SIL: Breast cancer wouldn't slow MY grandma down.
Me: (Brows furrowed. Not wanting to make a scene) Well, the doctors aren't going to give her radiation or chemo because of her age.
SIL: Really? My grandma was 85 and they gave her chemo.
Me: (Teeth clenched) Well, perhaps the circumstances were different.
Brother-in-law pipes in: (trying to back-pedal for his wife that obviously stuck her foot in her obnoxious, insensitive mouth) Yeah, you don't know if maybe she has a different type of tumor or if she has any other health issues.

You know, it's a real mystery why I am not close with my sister-in-law.

Also, I am now suspicious that my sister-in-law is actually a Schrute. Aren't they immune to disease? After all, disease is only for the weak, right? Guess who's getting beets for Christmas?!