Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eagle Eye

I saw Eagle Eye on Sunday (thanks Kelly & Aaron for inviting me, and thanks to Eric for watching the kids so I could go). It was a pretty tense and action packed movie. In addition to eating a handful of candy, I chewed all my fingernails off. Watching my poor Shia bawl his eyes out (complete with quivering chin!), get arrested, jump off buildings, out of cars and trains, get shot at, etc was just too much for my nerves! Shia was cute (as usual) and did lots of good acting with his eyes in addition to all the running and jumping. Billy Bob Thornton was actually funny and not at all sleazy and/or gross like most of his other characters. He still has the horse teeth though. The little boy in the movie totally reminded me of Eric when he was a kid - all freckles, teeth and eyebrows. Eric didn't quite agree with me. Anyway, the movie kept me guessing up to a certain point before I had it all figured out. It was still exciting though. The car chase scenes were cut a little too quick for my taste because I could never quite follow which car had just crashed. It was all a bit blurry at that speed. All in all though, its a movie I would watch again, and not only because of my Shia crush.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Office" is back!

My favorite show is back! Although I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing throughout the episode, the season opener did give us several juicy storylines, including the wedding plans for Angela & Andy. Visit for more hilarious details of the happy couple's pending nuptials!

I'm really bummed because I missed a little of the middle of the episode. Duty called to assist with the kids' potty break. I always DVR the show, but I couldn't because I was already recording Survivor & Grey's Anatomy for Eric. The sacrifices I make! From what I hear, I missed the introduction of Pam's art school friend (you can see her assignment above) and Kelly making Ryan jealous by making out with Darryl. Should I really be bummed? Were those parts super funny?

My favorite part was with Holly doing beat box back-up to Michael's rap (wiggida-wiggida-wiggida-whack!), but I also liked Angela explaining how she sleeps at night, and Michael wanting to be "goatee-less brothers" with Ryan.

Kelly Kapoor has always been my favorite character, but Holly, the new HR person is really growing on me! Being an HR person myself, I just love the way the HR reps are portrayed on this show.

P.S. Get well soon Toby!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sephora, How I Love You!

My biggest, girliest obsession is not with clothes, purses, accessories or shoes. It's with makeup and beauty products. I love luxurious lotions and potions, lip glosses, mascara and blush. Sephora is my absolute favorite store for browsing and buying all my beauty products. I could spend hours in there just sampling and sniffing all their goodies. The best part is, no matter what size you are, beauty products always fit! Their website, now includes customer reviews and their Beauty Insider (frequent user) information and specials. Someday, when I have more time, I will compile a list of my favorite beauty products. For now, I'll just list my latest favorite find.

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara. As I get older, I am realizing that I no longer have quite the long and lush lashes of my youth. This is both frustrating and depressing, and since my previous favorite was discontinued, I was on the hunt for a mascara that helps me acheive that look without clumpy raccoon eyes. I tried the popular Bad Gal Lash and hated it. The wand was so huge, it was like trying to put on mascara with a full-size hair brush. In a moment of desperation, I picked up a mini size of Lash Injection for $8.50. I love the thick, fluttery look it gives me with no clumping. The best part is that since you're supposed to throw out your mascara every 3 months, the mini size is just enough at less than half the cost!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dane Cook & Kate Hudson are douchebags!

Call it temporary insanity or a seriously disturbing lack in judgement, but I saw My Best Friend's Girl this weekend. I was thinking that since Kate Hudson was in it, it would be a harmless little rom com. WRONG! They should have just called the movie "Dane Cook & Kate Hudson are Douchebags". It was the most horrific, disgusting, vulgar movie I have seen in quite a long time. OMG, I wanted to rip my eyes and ears out within the first 5 minutes. I needed a boiling bleach bath to clean my soul afterwards. I heard every imaginable slang word for female genitalia, including a new one I had never heard before. So disgusting. If I wasn't so pissed about this movie, I would be speechless. It was promoted as a romantic comedy! Everyone involved in this movie should be ashamed. It's that bad.
I already thought Dane Cook was fugly and unappealing, and I should have known better that see one of his movies. I give Jason Biggs a pass because I figure he needed a paycheck and his character was fairly innocent and harmless. I'm not a Kate Hudson fan, but what the frick? Did she make this movie on a dare or lose a bet or something? What possible good reason could there be?
Even more heartbreaking to me is the fact that Alec Baldwin is in this. The guy that is geniously hysterical on SNL & 30 Rock! What the hell happened there? For shame, Alec!
I blame Kim Basinger.

Cute Boys with Dark, Curly Hair

As most of my friends know, I have a serious weakness for boys with dark, curly hair. Ever since I can remember. Dair hair is pretty much a must, but dark curly hair? Oh baby! In general, blonde dudes are not hot. Like, Brad Pitt for example? Blech. But drag out some random dude with dark curls and I am ga-ga. He could have some massive, disfiguring facial scar or a lazy eye, and I would probably still think he was hot.
My current faves are:

Shia LaBeouf. That geeky Holes kid grew up hot and came out of nowhere. My current celebrity boyfriend. Can't wait for Eagle Eye to come out this week!

Jonas Brothers. You're adorable jailbait.

Zachary Levi. I've always thought he was cute, but the recent Chuck commercials have made him relevant again. Plus, I love his t-shirt....COLEGE. Heh.

Friday, September 19, 2008

10 Things I Hate About the Twilight Series

10. Bella Swan. The main character's name is beautiful swan? Really? Really? Could that be any more cheeseball? OMG, swan's have long necks! Hey, vampires like to bite necks! Coincidence? You decide.

9. The fans that compare the author, Stephenie Meyer, to Harry Potter author, JK Rowling. You know, because they're both stay-at-home moms that suddenly just started scribbling down their idea/dream and it developed into a whole series of fantasy novels. Please don't compare Stephenie Meyer's books to JK Rowling's. Not even in the same league. You guys, Don't do it.

8. All the moodiness. Ok, so one might argue that Bella Swan is a teenager. Teenagers are moody. I get it. I was a moody teenager once too. Dude, even when I was a moody teenager, I still did more than just whining, sulking, muttering, glowering, glaring, and storming off in a huff all the time. From time to time I actually experienced happiness and cracked the occassional smile. Despite my incredible angst, I definitely wouldn't have thrown a bitch fit if my twu wuv boyfriend took me to the prom.

7. All the damsel in distress crap. As a fairly clumsy, non-athletic, accident prone person myself, I take particular offense to the idea of a girl being constantly rescued and protected by her big, strong man. Like she's incapable of taking care of herself. Is that really the kind of message that we want to send to young girls? That we all need a knight in shining armor to sweep us up off our weak ankles? That the only skill, interest, or hobby we need to have is to be a good cook so we can slave in the kitchen for our man? Vampires don't even eat food. They drink blood. Gross.

6. Sparkly vampires? You mean, like, glittery? Like diamond encrusted? That kind of sparkly? Sparkly vampires? Ok, if you say so.

5. With the sparkling, comes all the dazzling. With Edward's eyes, with his face, with his personality and the electric current of superiority that he exudes. He's perfect in every possible way. She's not worthy because he's just so damned glorious. He's just really, really ridiculously good looking. He dazzles. All the time. Yawn.

4. I can't fricking stop reading these piles of crap! I liked Twilight for the first 200 or so pages. I'll admit it. I liked Bella and her snarky attitude. She seemed to have some moxie. Somewhere between page 200-300 it all changed and went downhill rapidly from there. They're long (500-600 pages. I'm on book 3 and there are still two more to read! Guh! I spend at least an hour a day reading these books. Why? Have I no sense? No will power? What is wrong with me?

3. I actually paid money for the first two books. Stephenie Meyer is profiting my hard earned money. Lesson learned, and from now on I will check them out from the library. I refuse to spend any more on this crap. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm totally going to see the movie. Probably at full price on opening weekend. See? No will power.

2. Imprinting. I just got to the part about imprinting. I hate to spoiler anything, but in this case its a bit imprinting basically involves a werewolf staring into a girls eyes and (poof!) suddenly they are in love. Like love at first sight. Like a cosmic bond, you might say. Only it doesn't matter how old the girl is. This can happen even with toddlers. That's right, toddlers. What the....? That is just messed up.

1. This is a romance novel. The sappy sweet, Harlequin type. I'm not a Harlequin fan, but I have read a few. The good thing about a Harlequin novel is you know what you're going to get. You know by page 40, someone is going to get naked. Then it gets progressively steamy from there. Not so much with these books. You get a significant amount of heart pounding, hand holding, face stroking, and meaningful gazes into each others eyes. I can count the few very chaste (peck) kisses one one hand. There's no sex, people. None! 500+ pages of flowery, romantic descriptions of how in love they are, and no one has the slightest urge to do more than peck? Wow, that's exciting. I keep hearing rumors about some sort of horrific birthing scene that must be coming up, so I imagine someone has to get it on at some point. But I bet the author manages to mess that up and end the chapter before getting to the good stuff. "And then they woke up in bed together the next morning." Yeah, I be she does something lame like that.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Work Sucks

Basically, I have a pretty good job. I have my own office and even have somewhat of an admin assistant that helps me from time to time. The pay isn't great, but the benefits are awesome and I live less than 5 miles away. Its not bad. But lately the office politics and bureaucratic red tape have reached colossal proportions. I'm swamped and the workload keeps building while we cut back on staff. Considering the economy, I'm grateful for my job, really I am. Its stable and I like what I do. I just preferred it when the environment wasn't quite so....intense. And maybe when the piles on my desk were less than 6 inches high.

Still, there are things to be thankful for. Like, thank goodness I'm not a prison guard, or Michael Jackson's makeup artist, or.....a proctologist.