Friday, August 13, 2010

A Whole Month

Here is an update of what's been going on with me:
  • Big, scary IRS Audit of 2008 tax year.  Spouse's self-employment taxes are a nightmare.  Trust me, I know.  Know a good tax person?  I'm not going through this crap again.  Results?  We owe $2000.  Doable, but still a bummer.
  • Overworked, underpaid, overstressed, long hours, bring work home, crushed by mom guilt, "disagreement" with boss, cry at work.  The horror.
  • Start looking for another job.  Why are there no good positions in my field right now?  I hate you, economy.  But not as much as I hate you, Boss.
  • Try to make myself feel better by eating lots of junk food and shopping.  Still need new shoes.
  • Realize the kids start kindergarten on August 12th.  Panic.
  • Plan to take a couple of relaxing days off work to spend with the kids while the husband is out of town.  Go broke on back to school clothes/supplies.  Don't plan any time to actually relax.
  • Sister-in-law almost dies in child birth.  Seizures.  Unconscious.  Emergency c-section.  ICU.   Healthy, beautiful baby, but sister-in-law takes a while to recover.  We think she's fully recovered. 
  • First day of Kindergarten and my babies are officially in school.  Sob.


Karen Peterson said...

Holy crap, Kris. It's been quite a month for you!

I'm glad everything is going better now. Sorry to hear about the audit and the job stuff. Glad your sister-in-law pulled through!

Kristina P. said...

I second everything Karen said. Wow, you need another Disneyland trip!

Anonymous said...


peewee said...

WHOA! A lot has happened since the Glee concert! Screw d-land! Let's become glee groupies and follow them EVERYwhere.

um, do you want my lexus? I have an extra.