Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paul Rudd is kind of awesome

Paul Rudd definitely fits my crush criteria by having dark, curly hair. He's gorgeous with his classic leading man good looks and his light green eyes. What sets him apart though, is that he is freaking hilarious. He also doesn't seem to mind making a fool of himself, and in fact, he does it in a completely adorable, endearing way. He's been in a ton of movies, making girls crush on him all the way back to Clueless.

An internet friend recommended I see I Could Never Be Your Woman, which I hadn't even really heard about. It was made in 2007, so it's not even that old, and it has an all-star cast. Michelle Pfeiffer is the main character and Paul Rudd plays her love interest. I totally recommend you rent it, but if you don't you should at least watch this dancing scene. Just try to watch it without smiling.

Another great scene, from Wet Hot American Summer (2001) is his dinner hall freak out scene. I'm not so sure I'd recommend this movie to everyone. It's a bit of a cult hit, but only to those with weird, quirky senses of humor.

I debated putting this photo on here, but it was too funny not to include. Admit it, you want him.


NIKOL said...

That last photo is a crack up. Also? Yum.

I wasn't able to see the videos. UCSD has a way of blocking all streaming video. Hrmph! But I'll be checking it out from home later today!

Kris said...

Paul Rudd hosted SNL this weekend, but he was completely overshadowed by Justin Timberlake's guest appearance. However, we did get to see a semi-nude Paul in the digital short with Andy Samberg.

NIKOL said...

I will have to go check out some clips on the NBC website!

Incidentally, I finally checked out the videos. The dancing one was so great!! I should Netflix that movie.