Wednesday, June 24, 2009

They're re-making The Outsiders?

So, which one is playing Pony-Boy, and which one is playing Johnny? I wonder if I will cry when Johnny dies after heroically saving those people in the fire. Who will they get to play the soces? The cast of Gossip Girl?
Seriously, could they be more greased and "tough"? Leather pants? Tight white tee with the sleeves rolled up? I admit...I like the JoBros. I even think they're kind of adorable. But they are boys. Practically babies. The whole "Boys To Men" caption makes me giggle.
So why is someone trying to sex up this little boy with the oil and the Burt Reynolds, circa 1975, pose? Gross.
And while I'm ranting, how come this photo is okay, but the one of Miley Cyrus looking hideous with part of her back showing is considered so risque and inappropriate? THEY ARE THE SAME AGE!


peewee said...

I KNOW! Double standards man, double standards.

Kristina P. said...

I'm pretty sure it's because he's wearing a shirt. Subtle difference.

rychelle said...

i used to have such a crush on c. thomas howell, because of the original.

NIKOL said...

I still haven't seen The Outsiders. Nor would I know a Jonas Brothers' song if I heard one. What kind of Pop Culture Queen am I?

Kris said...

I actually pretty much stole this post from one that Best Week Ever did, only they compared the cover to a Newsies remake. I think The Outsiders fits way better.

I still remember the first line of the book & movie...As I stepped out into the bright light of the sun after the darkness of the movie theater.... I have NO IDEA why I remember that.