Thursday, February 4, 2010



I feel like I need a LOST For Dummies manual. I've watched since the beginning, but can someone please explain this show to me?

Smoke monsters; time traveling; electromagnetic button reset codes; hatches; Dharma; drowning people in dirty, healing water; Kate trying to eye hump all the hot men; Kate actually humping all the hot men; talking to dead people; Others; Original 70s Dharma Others; Temple Others; crazy french jungle chick; disappearing island; underwater island; Jin learning English in like a week; Jacob, John Locke & Ben Linus all being completely confusing and awesome at the same time; etc.

I'm too invested to give up now. I hate you, LOST writers. After LOST is over, I hope the only jobs you can get are writing those crappy SyFy channel movies about the chupacabra.


Kristina P. said...

I think this is my problem. I have had Lost sitting in my DVR all week, and feel like I'll watching when I have nothing else to do.

My problem is that I just can't keep everything straight or remember what happened, so I just get more and more confused.

ukyankoz said...

Yeah, I gave up on Lost almost from the roommate rented the first couple of seasons to watch at home - I tried to get into it, but it was just too vague and weird.

NIKOL said...

Babe, you know I could talk about Lost all day. Not that I have all the answers or anything. But if you want to discuss the show, you know where to find me!

You really should just go over to Lostpedia and read some stuff. There's a link from my blog. They go episode by episode and tell you what happened. They also will have pages about every character, every symbol, every number, every theme. It's very, very helpful when you feel (ahem) Lost.

Heee!!! My word verification is SMOKEY!!

Karen said...

For the record, Jin learned English in, like, three years. Don't you remember when they went back in time to the 70s and were stuck there for three years while the rest of the group was in the future? What's so confusing about that??


I seriously love LOST and I admire the producers for keeping it confusing enough to not know what the hell is going on, while also making me actually CARE to find out.