Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Netflix,

Buy more copies of the new releases already!  I shouldn't have to time it perfectly so that I return a movie on the exact date that a new release comes out so that I can get it without having it listed as "very long wait" for three months straight.

All three of my movies have been sent back and were received by you today, Tuesday, which is new-movie-release day.  For once, I DID time it perfectly.  But guess what?  ALL of the new releases that I put at the very tippy top of my list are already waitlisted.

What gives?

If your membership has grown exponentially, like I think it has, you may want to invest in some extra copies of those new releases.  (hint: Dexter Season 4, Letters to Juliet, and Prince of Persia would be nice, thnx).  What?  I think serial killers, rom-coms, and sweaty, shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal make a good combo.

Hurry up, mmkay?  Otherwise I'm going to start watching too many new tv season shows and then I'll be too busy watching regular tv that I'll just cancel my Netflix subscription completely.  Is that what you want? 

I didn't think so.



Stephanie Faris said...

I'm thinking about canceling mine anyway. We rent movies for my stepdaughter to watch every other weekend when she's with us but when I rent one for the two of us to watch, I have to force movie night to get him to sit down long enough to watch it. We have HBO and Encore...and there are already two movies on the DVR we need to watch "when we get a chance." I thought the streaming movies would be great but it's the same stuff, mostly old stuff. I've seen everything I wanted to see and now have turned to watching old episodes of Big Brother available FOR FREE on YouTube.

Kristina P. said...

I never use our subscription. I wonder if it's worth it.

NIKOL said...

The "very long wait" I had for my latest rental was only 3 days. Not too bad. But my latest rental was Twin Peaks, which aired 20 years ago. (TWENTY YEARS! Gah!) Not exactly the same as a new release.

I need to start watching Dexter.

Kris said...

Nikol, the fact that Twin Peaks was waitlisted at all?!?! Really? Miraculously, Xanadu is available immediately. We should jump on that before it gets waitlisted too.

Yes, you should start watching Dexter. Bloody, crazy, sexy Dexter. Naked John Lithgow is on Season 4. I know how you love John Lithgow.

Karen Peterson said...

Weird. I never get a "very long wait." In fact, I don't think I've EVER gotten that. Maybe I pick weird movies.

NIKOL said...

I already Netflixed Xanadu last month. Cheesy good fun.

I love John Lithgow. I do not love naked John Lithgow.

peewee said...

yah. I never remember to return them. So I am charged $9.67 each month for the same season one disc of THE SHIELD. Money well spent.