Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi, my name is Kris, and I am a Chai-aholic.

It all started when my husband's carpool kept stopping at Starbucks in the morning. At first, he didn't have any trouble abstaining from buying anything. Coffee is yucky/taboo, and he would usually sleep during the commute anyway. But then he discovered apple chai infusion. He raved about it and told me I should try it, so I took a sip.

I should have known better than to eat the forbidden fruit...

OMG! It is so good! Its like super spicy hot apple cider. Spicy enough to actually burn my mouth a little bit. I shared his drink with him and that was it. I was strong enough not to know that I could stop anytime I wanted to. And I did. I never actually went to a Starbucks to buy one myself, and I was fine with it.

But now he's discovered how to make them at home, cutting out the dealer, and now I've become addicted. Its right there, available, all the time. I think about it all day and can't wait to get home and have my fix. I can't stop. I need help.

I'm not condoning it in any way, but if you're curious... you mix equal parts of bottled apple cider and Tazo Chai Latte concentrate and heat. But I'm warning you, its highly addictive.


Kristina P. said...

Mmmmm, Starbucks. I'm sort of obessesed with their Banana Chocolate Vivannos.

NIKOL said...

The Starbucks signature hot chocolate is what draws me in. Love it. I've never tried the apple chai. Sounds yummy. You are such an enabler!

Kris said...

Far be it from me to judge if you want to partake in its spicy deliciousness. Its a slippery slope, and I will drag you down with me. Besides, weren't you the one to rave about the Tastefully Simple Chai mix? Unfortunately, I have a wicked case of heartburn from it today. Its supposed to burn a little when I drink it, not 6 hours later.

Madison! said...

Kris, now I'm going to have to start driving by your house to see if your trash can is turned around or some other sign that the dealer is in good supply. Nikol and I are spiced chai crazy, but add in apple? Awesome.

Kris said...

Hip, hip hooray! I found Decaf Chai at Target yesterday for $3.99

I've previously only tried the powdered chai latte mix stuff, which is good, but I doubt it would taste good in apple cider. The liquid concentrate stuff is the bomb. Speecey, spicy!