Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Someone must be seeing it...

Madea Goes To Jail was #1 at the box office this weekend. It made $41 Meeeelllion dollars. Wow.

I've paid to see some pretty craptastic movies in my day, but in my defense, I usually didn't know they were going to be bad. yeah, I knew Twilight was going to be bad, and I may or may not have seen it on opening night and then may or may not have seen it a second time. But it the bad-ness of it is what made it fun. Perhaps that is exactly what Madea's charm know it's going to be bad, but its a fun enough ride that you don't mind plunking down your $10.50 to see it?



Kristina P. said...

Oh, Twilight. It WAS bad!!!

NIKOL said...

I like the new look on the blog!

Twilight is in a class by itself. Not just bad: deliciously bad.

As for Madea movies, Matt would call it the "LCD" factor: lowest common denominator. Anytime anything stupid is successful, that's what Matt blames it on.

Kris said...

Next time I willingly consider seeing a movie I know will be bad, I will ask myself "will there be sparkling spider monkeys? Does the guy have a scene where he looks like he is painfully trying to avoid vomiting in the girl's face?" If the answer is no, then I will not see it.

Wait, another question I should ask myself is, "Is Shia in it?" Cause THAT is worth my $10.50.

NIKOL said...

Did you watch the Oscars? I noticed that in the little romance "yearbook" thing, they showed the clip of Edward and Bella lying in the grass together. They artfully covered up the sparkles, though. Pity.

Autumn said...

I can't believe you guys! Madea was an amazing feel good film and Twilight should have won an Oscar.