Monday, February 16, 2009

This is not fat

I repeat...THIS IS NOT FAT! Notice the flat stomach? Notice the small hips and waist?

Yes, there is some unfortunate fashion taking place here, but a bad wardrobe does not make her fat.

But I guess anything above scary anorexic, skeletor, imminent death, consumes more than a tic tac & cigarette per day, scrawny veiny muscle arms, equals grossly overweight and subject to public and media mocking. Shame on you, media!
But for the love of spanx, Jessica...I absolutely cannot defend you if you continue to make this face.

Because it makes me want to kick you in the teeth. Any self respecting grown woman would never make the baby pouty face. Even Tony Romo hates it.


Kristina P. said...

She has gained some weight. But, she is not fat. And wow, that is some unflattering clothing!

NIKOL said...

The high waisted jeans thing doesn't look good on ANYONE. Her stylist should be shot.