Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Blah-nniversary

Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary.

My husband and I both procrastinated on making any real plans, and by the time we got our acts together, it was too late and we had to cancel plans anyway.  Both of the kids were sick.  Like whiny, snotty, listless, needy, full blown emotional breakdown sick.  I can't even count how many times they burst into tears over something completely insignificant.  I got home from work, and this is how the rest of my evening went:

Kate:  (loud sneeze, snot spraying everywhere)
Emma:  (whiny voice) She sneezed on me! 
Me:  She didn't mean to.  Kate, try to cover your mouth next time.
Kate:  I can't help it!  Why is everyone being mean to me?  WAAAHHH!
Emma:  She's being too loud!  She's hurting my ears!  WAAAHHHH!

Here are some other variations:

Emma:  Where's my pillow pet?  I want my pillow pet.
Me:  It's right there on the couch where you left it.
Emma:  Why won't you give it to me?  I don't want to get it.  WAAAHHHH!

Kate:  I'm hungry.
Me:  It's already bedtime, so you can have a banana or a piece of bread.
Kate:  I want pudding. 
Me:  No.  It's banana or bread, those are your choices.
Kate:  FINE.  Bread.
Me:  (hands her a slice of bread)
Kate:  I don't like the crust!  (angrily starts pulling off the crust and rips the bread in half in the process)  My bread is RIPPED!  WAAAHHH!

It went like that the whole night until we got them into bed.  I won't even get into the battle we had with both of them over putting Vicks Vapo Rub on their chests.  Let's just say they were doing their best Gollum impressions by shrieking "IT BURNS US!"  over and over.  By the time we tucked them in, my husband and I were so tense and worn out that we just wanted to veg on the couch.  We agreed to rent Hot Tub Time Machine via Cox OnDemand, because even going out to rent a video would have been too much work.  And nothing says romance like Hot Tub Time Machine, right?  Tell me what kind of person wouldn't be overcome with love and passion for their spouse after watching John Cusack eat magic mushrooms, snort coke, and drop Efron-bombs every two seconds.  We could barely contain ourselves.

This weekend we have big plans to celebrate though.  We're flying to San Fran to stay at a swanky hotel to have romantic meals, walks along the harbor, and a segway tour. 

Just kidding.  Sure sounds nice though, doesn't it.

We might go back the The Fair (which is actually kind of an anniversary tradition for us), and we also really, really want to see The Last Airbender.  I told you I was a nerd.  A Nickelodeon cartoon nerd even.

Next year is the big 15 anniversary though, so we will be doing something special.  Something that doesn't involve sick kids, or kids whatsoever. I'm thinking some sort of vacation might be in order.  Somewhere tropical or European, maybe?


Kristina P. said...

I think Salt Lake City sounds super romantic and hot.

NIKOL said...

Kristina's right. Nothing says sexy like Temple Square. Rawr!

How has it been 14 years already?