Friday, June 11, 2010

McDonald's 42 oz Diet Coke for $0.79, I Salute You

My soda, tis of thee
Sweet drink of sugar-free,
Of thee I sing
Land of the arches pride
Land of McDonald’s drive
Forty-two ounce, the size!
Let soda fizz!

To Ronald McDonald and the employees (especially Roberta, the transvestite in the drive thru with the ghettofabulous acrylic nails) at the location one block away from my office, THANK YOU for selling your extra large sodas for only $0.79.  I get one every morning before I come to work, and even when I am running late, it takes less than 60 second to scrounge up my $0.86 (tax) and get out of the drive thru.  I know, soda in the morning might sound kinda gross, but it's basically my version of coffee.  I admit, I have a little bit of a diet soda addiction, but hey, whattaya gonna do?  Nobody's perfect.  Besides, am I really supposed to be able to resist at those prices?  And why is it that McDonald's fountain drinks always taste better than other places?  The nearby 7/11 fountain drinks taste like metal.  Blech.

Anyway, McDonald's and your employees...keep up the good work!  Love you!



Kristina P. said...

They stopped carrying the X Large Diet Cokes at the McDonalds around here. :( It breaks my heart. But, I am not addicted to Sonic's Route 44 Diet Cokes. I even bought a $20 sticker that makes them 99 cents all year long.

NIKOL said...

I love that you go through the drive-thru just to get a giant soda. Also, drinking a lot of Diet Coke is very in right now. True story.

peewee said...

Mcd's really does have the best diet coke. Why? I don't understand. Why can't they sell the best diet coke AND fried pie? WHY GOD WHY???

Anonymous said...

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