Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent Life and Lesson

Hey you guys.  I've been taking a few too many blog vacations lately.  It's not intentional.  I've just been sick, and busy, and all those normal excuses.  And maybe it's all the cough medicine with codeine, but I just can't think of things to write about.  So I guess I'll just update you on what I've been doing then, huh?

My work wife left and then my boss left.  It got super crazy and chaotic, and I actually snapped at a coworker and then cried.  At work.  Humiliating.  Perhaps I already told you this?  Then I suggested organizing a meeting with all the people that reported to the boss that left.  Well, it kind of snowballed and the head of the company came to the meeting.  Instead of discussing plans for moving forward, the CEO wanted to know about our workloads, which turned into a bitch session about how busy we all are.  Long story short, I kind of bit the CEO's head off when he told us we were already overstaffed.  D'oh!  How did I become the crazy, uptight coworker?  Ugh, I could hardly stand to be around myself.  So I made a vow to chill out and not let work take over my life.

My vow was put to the test when I got really sick.  Like walking pneumonia sick.  I ended up taking 5 sick days.  Right before I was scheduled to go on a week of vacation!  So I was out for TWO WEEKS!  My coworker had to do her work and mine, and will probably never forgive me.  While she slaved away, I medicated, caught up on my DVR, napped, and though I was still sick, forged ahead with our family vacation plans to lovely and exotic.....

Dallas.  To visit my Dad and stepmom.  Who have lived in a gigantic house for 15 years that I have never visited.  My normally grumpy and curmudgeonly Dad transformed into the perfect Grandpa and ate up every second with his rambunctious and talkative granddaughters.  He took the week off work and spoiled them rotten.  He spoiled us all rotten.  Despite being sick, it was a great trip.  I think he actually cried when we left.

Then there was Halloween with last minute kids costume running around, school carnival committments, family dinner plans, and trick-or-treating.  After all hectic hub-bub, I was in the Halloween mood and settled on the couch to watch the new AMC zombie series, "The Walking Dead".  Big mistake.  These zombies sorta run when they collect in a big, brain-hungry crowd together.  Running zombies really freak me out.  They chased me in my sleep and I woke up with clenched teeth and a massive tension headache.  I'm not sure if I have the stones to handle watching on a weekly basis.  I'm kind of a wimp.  It's a good thing I decided to skip the local "Zombie Walk" through Balboa Park.  I may have ended up with PTSD.

Somehow it's already November.  Election day, no less.  I'll place my vote after work.  Right now I'm already planning my Christmas shopping and looking online for good gift ideas.  Ok, so maybe I'm adding more things to my own wish list than I am deciding what to buy for others, but counts as holiday planning.  Right now I'm pondering the Philosophy shower gels on QVC.  Tempting.  Very tempting. 

See how good I'm getting at not worrying about work?!


Kristina P. said...

Oh, man, can I relate! Except I do still have my work wife, so that makes it easier. But things have settled down so I'm not as stress.

I hope you feel better! Emotionally and physically!

NIKOL said...

Have you seen the philosophy "Bobbing for Apples" set of shower gel? I seriously love apple scented stuff - and that set has red apple, green apple, and caramel apple scents. I must have it. And with a three pack, it would divide up nicely when we do our little stocking stuffer exchange. I'm thinking ahead, see?

Glad you're back! We need to catch up.

peewee said...

They have philosophy at nord rack. Just in case u didnt know :)

i'm thinking of joining the cheryls cookies club. You are officially my dealer and I'm gonna blame u when i'm on Dr. Drew's rehab house.

Kris said...

Gasp! Philosophy at Nord Rack! I must get over there! How can I resist philosophy at discount prices?!

Oh, and I just got a Cheryl's email for a discount on their cookie of the month club. Only $19.99! I'll forward it to you.