Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm not a seafood fan

I don't like fish or seafood of any kind. I don't buy it at the store or order it at restaurants. It's just not my preference to eat fish or seafood. However, there are lots of people that love seafood and can't get enough of it. There are even restaurants dedicated specifically to serving that type of food. Even though seafood isn't my preference, do I condemn those who do prefer it? Absolutely not. I see no reason why we all can't live in harmony. I don't have anything against those who prefer seafood personally, and I don't really understand why anyone else would either.

Because I don't buy seafood, my kids are probably not really aware of its existence yet, but they will certainly learn about it as they grow up. Seafood is just a part of our society. I don't feel the need to shield my children's eyes as we pass by the seafood aisle at the grocery store or anything. If my kids grow up and love seafood, it won't change my relationship with them one bit. I'll still love them just the same. And if they grow up and meet a fellow seafood lover and want to get married, then I think they ought to be able to do that. Why should I try to prevent it? Why does it matter, as long as they are happy?


Madison! said...

This was beyond awesome.

NIKOL said...

You're just trying to push the Crustacean Agenda, that's what I think.