Friday, October 24, 2008

Santa Ana Skin

Santa Ana weather does a horrible number on my skin. Its dry, and it gets so itchy sometimes that it almost feels like creepy crawlies are all over me. It drives me absolutely insane. And I know this happens to me every year around this time. But do I prepare for it? Do I stock up on lotions and body butters? Eh....sometimes. Do I take the time to slather it on? No, I don't. Never. Yet I continue to be frustrated by the icky dry skin. It seems that the only thing I am capable of doing consistenly is putting on baby oil while in the shower. It takes way less time and works better than any lotion I have ever tried. Plus, its CHEAP. Like, $0.99 Store cheap. However, it makes a slippery mess in the shower, even when I am very careful not to spill. It also makes my towels and clothes harder to wash because of the film it leaves behind. But it's so worth it. I'm willing to do the extra cleaning work required if it means that I'm comfortable in my own skin.