Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar: It LOOKS Neat, But Does The Story Suck?

Am I the only person who isn't jacked out of their mind to see this? It only rates a "Meh" on my omgihavetoseethis meter.

All I hear about is how visually amazing the movie is. Nothing about the plot or characters. So I'm wondering if the visual effects just numb everyone to the fact that the story is actually crap, or is the story actually pretty good? My husband is not a reliable source for this information, because he'll tell me the plot is amazing just so I'll consent to seeing it (so he can see it again).

Cause it's either gotta have a good story, make me laugh, or feature some cute boys for me to want to see it. And from what I hear, the only cute boy in Avatar is mostly onscreen as a blue dude. I gotta say, I think I can wait for DVD to check it out.


peewee said...

maybe this will help? Or at the very least make u laugh a little.