Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorry Chargers

I couldn't give a crap about your playoff game this weekend. I have a date on Sunday afternoon with this dude

and all the lovely, drunken celebrities that will be attending the Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais, I love you and think you are made for awards shows. Whoever selected you to be the host should get an honorary Nobel Peace Prize or something. They should call you The Terminator, because you are going to kill it as host. I may laugh so hard that I actually pee. Pampers are standing by.

Can't wait!


Kristina P. said...

I didn't realize he was the host! Full of win!

Karen said...

I don't care about the outcome of the Golden Globes, but I always have to watch it. I'm weird like that. But I'm excited Gervais is hosting. He's all kinds of awesome.

And I say: Go Whoever-is-Playing-the-Chargers!

(Sorry. Philip was a major Chargers fan, so now my team is whomever is playing them.)