Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dane Cook & Kate Hudson are douchebags!

Call it temporary insanity or a seriously disturbing lack in judgement, but I saw My Best Friend's Girl this weekend. I was thinking that since Kate Hudson was in it, it would be a harmless little rom com. WRONG! They should have just called the movie "Dane Cook & Kate Hudson are Douchebags". It was the most horrific, disgusting, vulgar movie I have seen in quite a long time. OMG, I wanted to rip my eyes and ears out within the first 5 minutes. I needed a boiling bleach bath to clean my soul afterwards. I heard every imaginable slang word for female genitalia, including a new one I had never heard before. So disgusting. If I wasn't so pissed about this movie, I would be speechless. It was promoted as a romantic comedy! Everyone involved in this movie should be ashamed. It's that bad.
I already thought Dane Cook was fugly and unappealing, and I should have known better that see one of his movies. I give Jason Biggs a pass because I figure he needed a paycheck and his character was fairly innocent and harmless. I'm not a Kate Hudson fan, but what the frick? Did she make this movie on a dare or lose a bet or something? What possible good reason could there be?
Even more heartbreaking to me is the fact that Alec Baldwin is in this. The guy that is geniously hysterical on SNL & 30 Rock! What the hell happened there? For shame, Alec!
I blame Kim Basinger.


NIKOL said...

Dane Cook is a total douche in pretty much everything. I'm sad to hear that he rubbed off on Kate Hudson, though. I think she's a cutie patootie. Too bad about Alec, too. But that guy gets a free pass from me because I love him so.