Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cute Boys with Dark, Curly Hair

As most of my friends know, I have a serious weakness for boys with dark, curly hair. Ever since I can remember. Dair hair is pretty much a must, but dark curly hair? Oh baby! In general, blonde dudes are not hot. Like, Brad Pitt for example? Blech. But drag out some random dude with dark curls and I am ga-ga. He could have some massive, disfiguring facial scar or a lazy eye, and I would probably still think he was hot.
My current faves are:

Shia LaBeouf. That geeky Holes kid grew up hot and came out of nowhere. My current celebrity boyfriend. Can't wait for Eagle Eye to come out this week!

Jonas Brothers. You're adorable jailbait.

Zachary Levi. I've always thought he was cute, but the recent Chuck commercials have made him relevant again. Plus, I love his t-shirt....COLEGE. Heh.


NIKOL said...

I've seen plenty of commercials for Chuck, but I've never seen Zachary Levi look better than he does in that photo. Rowr!