Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eagle Eye

I saw Eagle Eye on Sunday (thanks Kelly & Aaron for inviting me, and thanks to Eric for watching the kids so I could go). It was a pretty tense and action packed movie. In addition to eating a handful of candy, I chewed all my fingernails off. Watching my poor Shia bawl his eyes out (complete with quivering chin!), get arrested, jump off buildings, out of cars and trains, get shot at, etc was just too much for my nerves! Shia was cute (as usual) and did lots of good acting with his eyes in addition to all the running and jumping. Billy Bob Thornton was actually funny and not at all sleazy and/or gross like most of his other characters. He still has the horse teeth though. The little boy in the movie totally reminded me of Eric when he was a kid - all freckles, teeth and eyebrows. Eric didn't quite agree with me. Anyway, the movie kept me guessing up to a certain point before I had it all figured out. It was still exciting though. The car chase scenes were cut a little too quick for my taste because I could never quite follow which car had just crashed. It was all a bit blurry at that speed. All in all though, its a movie I would watch again, and not only because of my Shia crush.


Madison! said...

I loved this movie. My one question though, isn't Michelle Monaghan waaay too old for Shia? Unless of course, she's younger than me, in which case she should be older, really.