Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day just pissed me off

In honor of Earth Day, the college campus I work on was having a Farmer's Market. Delightful! I planned on walking around and picking up something fresh and yummy for lunch.

Unfortunately, I walked by all the booths that were only geared towards making your home more environmentally friendly. Not wanting to eat an energy efficient light bulb for lunch, I sought out the campus food court.

After eating, I walked a different route back to the office. And you know what I found? The Farmer's Market. And you know what they were selling there? Crepes. Two booths dedicated to fresh, hot, delicious crepes. With multiple varieties of fillings. And they were cheap. Did I mention that they were made to order and fresh and hot? And that they smelled divine?

And I already ate.


Well, you know what Earth? My campus food court salad was served to me in a styrofoam container. With a plastic fork. And I used about 6 napkins.

Maybe that will teach to you hide crepes from me.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, middle finger to you, earth!

Oh, and thanks for asking about my boil. Fortunately, my boil no longer resides anywhere on my body.

I forgot to update, but it went away on it's own.

NIKOL said...

You know my heart weeps for you and your crepeless afternoon. That's just not right. How could Earth do this to you?

rychelle said...

i always suspected earth was out to get you.....