Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Before my movie yesterday, I ate at Sonic for the first time. Eating at Sonic is kind of a big deal, because until two weeks ago, the closest Sonic to San Diego was like 100+ miles away. There are a lot of things I am willing to do for good food, but apparently driving 100+ miles is not one of them. So imagine the delight of San Diegans everywhere when the very first one opens in the suburbs of East County, drawing crowds and lines 1-2 hours long.
I decided to wait until my day off, when kids would be back at school, to make an attempt. Even on a Monday at 11:00 am, the drive-thru line was still 20-30 minutes. But that's what day's off are for, right? Waiting in a fast food line in 103 degree weather.
So we waited and finally placed our orders. I got the basic burger combo with a Cherry Limeade. And you know what?
Sonic food pretty much sucks.
But Cherry Limeade is heaven.


Madison! said...

But I so wanted to believe that Sonic was going to be the Chick Fil-A of East County. Dang it all.

NIKOL said...

That's exactly what I expected: blah food, heavenly drinks. Hard to go really wrong with a cherry limeade.

I have yet to go, but I'm sure I will in the next week or two. Much like Maegan, I say a silent prayer every morning that they'll put a Chick-Fil-A in East County. Sigh! Someday....

rychelle said...

i do enjoy their tator tots and cubed ice, but i would NEVER wait in line to eat at a sonic.