Friday, April 17, 2009


My friend Lisa turned me on to Schwan's about a year or so ago. She raved about their ice creams and kid-friendly food. I decided to give them a try. I have to be honest, most of the stuff that I've tried has been appetizers and ice cream. I don't really buy their meats or entrees because they're usually too expensive. Actually, even their ice cream is on the pricey side. But, its totally worth it.

Now I won't eat any other kind of ice cream. Grocery store brands are awful in comparison. I've tried a bunch of Schwans flavors, and my favorite is the chocolate peanut butter.

Last summer, I also bought a bunch of their popsicles. It was just so easy and convenient, and I didn't have to worry about rushing home from the store because the popsicles I bought were going to melt. They just got delivered to my front door, right from a freezer truck. And the best thing is that my kids absolutely loved them. We pretty much stuck to the Bomb Pops,

which turned out to be the best popsicles I'd ever tasted. Normally popsicles are very ice-y, seeing as how they're frozen water and all. But these ones...these are the most creamy, soft, non-drippy popsicles I've ever had. Seriously, they're like magic popsicles. I would end up giving my kids one and eating two myself. I thought they were the greatest ice treat ever invented.

Until Wednesday. This past Wednesday was our Schwan's delivery day, and I decided to try a new frozen treat, just for the grown-ups. So I bought these

Lemon Italian Ice cups (they were out of the Cherry). Again, they were on the pricey side. $5.99 for 6 cups. Seriously though, do yourself a favor and try some. They're worth every penny. They are so good, I'm tempted to give them as gifts. I've already pre-ordered the Cherry ones for my next delivery day, but now I'm thinking that one box won't be enough. Do you think my freezer will hold 12 boxes?
P.S. My delivery guy said that Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday is all centered around a Schwan's task.


rychelle said...

schwan's totally reminds me of being a kid. my grandmother used to get schwan's delivered every week.

Kristina P. said...

So, it's really worth it? My coworker gets Schwann's and I looked up their website. I liked the idea of everything, but it did look pricey.

Kris said...

I can't speak for the other items, but the ice cream and popsicle stuff is totally worth it. If you try it, you'll start out saying that you'll only buy those things as a special treat, and then you'll be hooked, buying multiple boxes at a time and anxious when your supply gets low.

NIKOL said...

Schwann's has had a truck sale in the area recently, where a truck is just pulled off in an empty parking lot somewhere and they're selling whatever they have in their freezer. I'm always attempted to check it out, but I never have. I really should. I love the idea of the home delivery.

Anonymous said...

Like the guy said about Schwan prices - good restaurant quality food that you can have at home without hiring a chef and without having to drive, park and wait in line to get it. I think the cost savings in time and gas is worth the markup.