Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Excuse me sir, your alien baby is oozing

30 year old man gives birth to his own parasitic twin...through his belly button!


The whole parasitic twin phenomena is so fascinating and so, soooo gross. But when they start to erupt from your abdomen, that is just sick and wrong. And it makes me wonder what kind of damage it does to these peoples' psyche to discover something like that. Like, are they going to be hypochondriacs and worry about every single bug bite or stomach pain and wonder if its some sort of parasite waiting to burst out of their gut?


Kristina P. said...

This makes me cry a little.

Greenie said...
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NIKOL said...

Okay, yes it's nasty. But at least it was small. Saying he "gave birth" is a stretch.

I remember (with frightening clarity) this TV show once where this guy had abdomenal pain for years. They kept finding fluid in his gut, and draining it, but no one ever discovered the cause. But they did eventually. And the had hair and everything. It was awful.

Kris said...

Nikol, sure it was small, but it FORCED ITS WAY OUT OF HIS STOMACH. That's almost as bad as the Twilight birth.

And I remember that dude you're talking about. I remember the hair and FINGERNAILS!

I'll be in the corner for a while, rocking back and forth.