Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TGI Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was pretty awesome for me. Three full days of not a whole lot going on, but just enough so that I wasn't bored. Husband went up the coast to see his brother graduate from college on Friday, so it was just me and the kiddos until Saturday night. So here is my list of things that I loved over the weekend.

10. Baking pink cupcakes with the kiddos on Friday night and customizing the frosting in pink & blue for their favorite colors. Delicious and fun!

9. Doing some minor shopping on Saturday & having the kids beg me to go home. Naps for everybody! Mommy included!

8. Watching Mamma Mia while the kids played in their room/outside, but having them come back to dance and sing along to most of the muscial numbers.

7. Driving to the airport while listening to Mamma Mia soundtrack...more singing and dancing from the kids.

6. Husband being all mushy and schmoopsy once we picked him up.

5. Taking kids to see Night At The Museum 2, and having them be all cuddly in our laps during the entire movie.

4. Sleeping in until 10:30 am. 10:30! And it was real sleep too. The kids were quiet, the dog was quiet. I drooled on my pillow.

3. Dinner with girlfriends at Casa De Pico. Why don't we do this more often? We really should.

2. Lazy afternoon at Grammy's pool. Beautiful day outside, slightly pink shoulders to prove it.

1. Sleeping in until 10:30 am for TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Does that count as sloth and gluttony? Sleeping in like that just doesn't exist when kids come along. I feel like the laziest slug that ever died and went to slug heaven. Weird dreams. More drool. Note to self: get a clean pillowcase.

How was your weekend?


NIKOL said...

Did Eric wrangle the kids while you slept? Or are your girls able to entertain themselves without getting into trouble? Either way: AWESOME! I look forward to Simon getting a little older so he won't demand immediate attention when he wakes up. At 5:30am. On a Sunday. And again on Memorial Day Monday.

Kristina P. said...

10:30?! I wish I could sleep in that late! I'm chanding shifts next week from 4-midnight, and I realize that I need to get those sleep mask things, so the sun doesn't wake me up. That always happens!

rychelle said...

i slept in everyday this weekend, and it was HEAVEN!

Kris said...

Eric wrangled the kids both mornings. I'm convinced his body just doesn't require as much sleep as mine. The kids can entertain themselves for about an hour on their own in the mornings before the blood curdling screams start.

Karen said...

That sounds like a great weekend. I love Mamma Mia, too. But I haven't gotten around to picking up the soundtrack yet.

And 10:30am?? I don't even have kids and the only reason I slept until 9 this morning was because I was up til 1!! Jealous!