Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Will You Die quiz?

Another thing that made me laugh this week was a quiz on "How Will You Die?" Just what I've always wanted to know! What will be the most likely cause of my death!

But instead of heart disease and car crash related questions, this quiz asks really insightful, helpful, and relevant questions like:

1. You wake up in the middle of the night because you heard a sound. What's the first thing that you assumed made the sound?

  • Maybe one of your art tools fell.

  • I probably knocked my glass of water next to my bed.

  • Zombie?!

  • Maybe someone knocked on the door and they need help.

  • Did I leave the heater on? Did it fall over?!

2. If you could have one power what would it be?

  • Pew pew lazers from your eyes.

  • To place lethal curses on people.

  • To be able to freeze things.

  • To ressurect beings.

  • Super strength.

Ok, so really it was just the Zombie and the "pew pew" part of the responses that really made me laugh. But it made me laugh really hard. And those were totally my choices too. And it turns out I'm going to be crushed my a sumo wrestler. Looks like I won't need all that zombie ammo that I bought.

All your life you just wanted to help people. One night you will walk down to the support group you founded for people that are trying to lose weight. As you walked up the stairs to the room that the evening session was taking place in you started thinking about how a zombified velociraptor would look like. All of a sudden the door above you bursts open and the most unsuccessful person in the group comes flying down the stairs wailing his head off. It turns out that he couldn't speak English and he thought that your group was the Professional Sumo Organization but someone broke the news to him in a very unpleasant way. As he hits the second step from the top an earthquake hits. "Perfect timing" you will say, followed by the longest, and last sigh you will ever make.


Kristina P. said...

It's always zombies. Or Mario Lopez.

peewee said...

I just took the "which crazy bitch are you" quiz. I am Sylvia Plath. Weird right? But I was just glad I wasn't Joan Crawford or something.

My point? You could die in worse ways.