Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic Con's New Moon

This is major.

Can you believe the cast of Twilight actually showed up at Comic Con? I can't. I heard they were going to be there, but I assumed "cast" meant everyone except Bella & Edward. I mean, come on people, they are far to huge of A-list stars to attend such a frivolous fan event. They are far too busy appearing on US Weekly covers (at least they were until Michael Jackson died).

As a San Diegan, I'm truly surprised that I didn't hear headlining reports like:

Fan Mob Crushes Kristen Stewart's Head

Robert Pattinson Found Crying In Corner

San Diego Buildings Windows Shattered From Sonic FanGirl Squee

For those of you who don't live in San Diego, or weren't at Comic Con, I'd just like to rub in the fact that Robert Pattinson WAS IN MY CITY. OMG! Like, I could have attempted to stalk him and everything! What is wrong with me?

Here are some photos from the event. Since I am so nice, I've even captioned them for you.

Taylor Lautner: "Dude, what is up with Kristen's hair? And her face? She looks rough. I'm so glad she didn't look like that when I had to pretend that I was all in love with her, because I am not that good of an actor. Do you think I should show her my abs again?"

Kristen Stewart: "Duuuuhhh...what? Ew...I think my hair might be greasier than Rob's."

Kristen: "What. The. Hell?! That girl had better keep her hands of Rob or I will claw her eyes out. I can't wait til this Joan Jett movie is over so I can have my pretty hair again and start showering. Look at Rob. He's so cute. I really should have hooked up with him when I had the chance. Don't look at me! I'm hideous!"

Robert Pattinson: "Ha! Have you seen Kristen? She looks bloody awful! Even when I try to look awful, I still look better than her. And girls still throw themselves at me! Should I make out with someone just to make her jealous? Sorry love, you missed out on all this!"

My friend, (Hi Maegan!) sent me some links to clips that were shown at Comic Con.


peewee said...

Dear Mrs. Robinson,
ummm..HOW old are you?? Don't you think you're A wee bit old for Twilight and Robert Pattinson!?!?

Kristin's Zac Efon Doll

Kris said...

Yes, I am too old for both things. I'm too old for the Jonas Brothers and Shia LaBeouf too...but if you took all those things away, my life would be meaningless.

Besides, you're never too old to MAKE FUN of Twilight!

NIKOL said...

You can come sit next to me, Mrs. Robinson. hee!

I love those Twilight clips so much. I love, "It's just blood, Bella" and then Jacob whips off his shirt to dab it off her forehead. That's just magnificent.

Twilight delights me on so many levels. Especially the hot werewolf abs.

Kristina P. said...

Was Kristen shooting the movie AT the convention? Was there some sort of Twilight movie that Joan Jett was in that we don't know about?

Does she realize that she doesn't have to actually look like that at all times, and she's not Johnny Depp?

Kris said...

Kristina, I'm not sure if she was shooting *the movie* during the convention, but perhaps she was shooting *heroin*. Or is heroin chic (with a mullet) just back in style? Either way, she looks strung out.

Kris said...

Oh, and when Johnny Depp looks like that, he still oozes charm, mystique, and sex appeal. Kristen oozes sweat, beer, and bitchface.

NIKOL said...

The girls in my office were just talking about the same thing, Kristina: that Kristen Stewart doesn't have to look like Joan Jett when she's not on set. But maybe she's one of those method actresses. In which case, it's totally true that she's in love with RPat. 100%. Just like when Joaquin Phoenix fell in method-love with Reese Witherspoon while shooting Walk the Line. True story.

"Kristen Stewart oozes bitchface" should be on a t-shirt.

Madison! said...

Kris and Nikol, will you still see the movie with me if I go with painted-on abs like RPat??

Now, Jake on the other hand....

Karen said...

I wish I could have gone to Comic Con again this year. Last year was SO MUCH FUN.

Doesn't surprise me at all that they showed up. Robert Pattinson miss an opportunity to be ogled by women of all ages?? Not a chance!

Karen said...

Oh, and if I go see New Moon, I'm getting my favoritest Twilight-related t-shirt I've seen yet:

And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

Kristina P. said...

Kris, where have you gone! I miss you and your fun posts.