Thursday, July 16, 2009

Johnny Depp: Burton's Muse

Tim Burton knows that there are other actors in the world besides Johnny Depp right?

He knows he doesn't have to cast Johnny as the lead in every movie he makes, right?

Don't get me wrong, Johnny is awesome, and I've been a fan since 21 Jumpstreet, and he always pulls off the weird Burton roles. I know he'll be great as the Mad Hatter. I mean, just look at that...its so creepy and disturbing and...intriguing. And he hasn't even spoken yet. I've never had a clown phobia before, but I think I will if I stare at that picture too long. I'm not much of a Tim Burton fan, but chances are I will see Alice in Wonderland when it comes out. wouldn't hurt to have a little variety in the casting.

That also includes using his wife, Helena Bonham Carter, as the female lead in all his movies.

(My husband lovingly calls her the "most ugly woman on the planet")

Does Burton not know about IMDb? Should I send him a link? I know my husband would really appreciate not having stare at Helena's mug on the big screen.


NIKOL said...

I have very mixed feelings about this Alice in Wonderland movie. I really hope they don't build up the Mad Hatter to be a main character just for the sake of giving Johnny Depp more screen time. Generally speaking, I really enjoy Tim Burton's movies. But I agree with you that he's a one trick pony. All his movies have the same actors, same visuals, same intentional-weirdness vibe.

Karen said...

Tim Burton + Johnny Depp=a VERY happy Karen

Seriously, can you imagine someone else playing the Mad Hatter?? Or Willy Wonka (besides Gene Wilder, of course)?

NIKOL said...

I watched the trailer. Alice is an adult. What's up with that?