Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Survived Vegas

Vegas was both good and bad. It changed minute to minute, depending on the availability and number of bribes that I was able to provide my kids. They were happiest when they were just hanging out in the room, jumping on beds, acting like maniacs, screaming like banshees, or watching cartoons. Unfortunately, I wasn't willing to put up with the screaming, jumping, maniac bit, and the watching cartoons bit bored me to tears. So I would drag them out in 114 degree heat to see Vegas or grab a bite to eat, and they would whine and complain until they were presented with a slurpee or lollipop. Or the promise of visiting the M&M World.

We swam a bit, after I spent about 30 minutes blowing up their inner tubes to float in. And I didn't see a single topless woman. I saw a scary waitress in a butt-crack baring bikini...I'm not entirely sure she was born female...but I didn't see any bare boobs.

There was a Serendipity directly across the street, so I got to try a famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. It was good, but not especially magically delicious or anything. At $8.75 a pop, I expected more. But at least I got to see what all the fuss was about. And plus, it was in the 100 and teens, so a cold, frosty, chocolate drink isn't exactly torture.

I wouldn't say that it was a wonderful trip, but I wouldn't call it horrible either. It's just not a trip that I will want to repeat any time soon.


NIKOL said...

Sorry to hear that it wasn't that fun. Is M&M World still there? I thought it closed. Or maybe it was World of Coke that closed? Is the amusement park behind the MGM Grand still there?

It's sad I haven't been to Vegas since 1999.

Kristina P. said...

Well, that sucks!

And I only wish I could have been sucking down Frozen Hot Chocolate in NYC, instead of being stuck at home with the flu.

I think the best part is the whipped cream!