Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Office Pranks

I am head of our department party planning committee. In addition to various team building and holiday parties, I am responsible for planning milestone birthday parties. Milestones, as in, when someone turns 30, 40, 50, etc. Each birthday party has its own theme depending on what that person's interests are. For example, we had a high tea party and a Sex In The City party.

Right now we're working on a Disney party and a Dunder Mifflin party.

That's right. A Dunder Mifflin party.

Complete with a stapler in jello.

But I need your help. I need ideas for a Jim/Dwight type prank to pull on the birthday person. One that won't get me into trouble (ie. not destructive or offensive), and one that is actually doable on a zero budget.

So far we have covering her desk in tin foil or filling her office with balloons.

Edited to add:
As part of the party, we're also including a Dundie Award ceremony and need categories for awards. Again, non-offensive ones that won't get me in trouble. I know, it kinda takes the fun out of it, but I need to be able to keep my job.


NIKOL said...

What about putting her cell phone in the ceiling? Or making her an Olympic medal out of a yogurt cap? Or giving her a bouquet of beets?

NIKOL said...

...or sprout some mung beans in her desk drawer? Creed says those smell like death.

Kris said...

Or how about extracting the Queen bee's pheremones and placing it on a cotton ball under her desk?

I like where you're going, but something tells me mung beans and bee pheremones aren't easily available at my local Target.

Kristina P. said...

Dammit! Why can't I work in your office. I used to work in an office like this, remember.

In fact, the next time I'm at that office covering, we've decided we're staging an intervention for our coworker who loves Christian Bale. He also loves Lady Gaga. I KNOW!!! It will be awesome.

You can always make a Peekaru and scare him in his office!

Madison! said...

I second Nikol's phone in the ceiling one. We tried that with Autumn...just lift one of the ceiling panels and put the phone in there, and then start calling it. That is prank GOLD right there.

peewee said...

I have no ideas for you. I've never worked in an office. :(

Autumn said...

Ha, Nikol and Maegan totally got me with the cell phone in the wall prank (well actually, it was in my cup of rubberbands). They did it right after that episode aired and I still was oblivious. It was free, hilarious (to them) and they still make fun of me to this day!

NIKOL said...

Oh, Autumn. You know there are plenty of other reasons to make fun of you!