Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WTF Obama = Hitler Email?

I have a coworker that I am friends with. I really like her. She has a daughter a couple months younger than mine, and we have gotten them together to play. We've gone to Sea World together and visited each other's houses. So we're friends outside of work. We have a lot of things in common.

We also disagree on a lot of things.

Today she sent me a religious/political email forward. It basically equated Obama to Hitler and accused him of a Nazi propaganda campaign to brainwash our children. It said that as Christians, we need to be vigilant about protecting our children's minds from der Furor and the Change campaign.


I think its safe to say we don't agree on politics or religion.


NIKOL said...

I get emails like that from my inlaws all the time. I'm always amazed when they're religious-based messages because even though our whole family is basically Christian, our world views are so very different.

I'm the family's closet liberal. Don't tell Matt's dad.

rychelle said...

i have an aunt who sends these kinds of emails ALL THE TIME. i don't know how to get her to stop, without offending her.

or maybe i should just stop worrying about offending her.