Friday, August 7, 2009

Ed Helms, Stop Making Me Love You!

Dude, you're adorkable, and I love you. Check you out scatting (that's like beat boxing for older folks) with the JoBros. Can't wait for The Office to start back up again, and now that Jim & Pam are completely blah, I truly hope the Nard Dog gets more screen time.


Kristina P. said...

I have loved Ed Helms from The Daily Show.

And I hate Blogger sometimes. It was down for hours!

e said...

I loved that soooo much! His musical talents keep surprising me! Are you excited to see him sing in a man band in his new movie?

Karen said...

Jim and Pam are not blah!

But I do love me some Ed Helms and I agree that he needs more screen time.

NIKOL said...

Like Kristina, I, too, have loved Ed Helms ever since he was on The Daily Show. Did you ever see his interview with the lady at the Cooter Festival? (A Cooter is another name for a water turtle, apparently. TV teaches you things!) You need to look that up on YouTube if you haven't seen it.