Friday, August 21, 2009

Feel Sorry For Me, Won't You?

The AC in the office building still isn't fixed, and they don't expect it to be fixed until Tuesday, at the earliest. My office is a tiny closet with no windows and it is probably around 92 degrees (give or take) in here. That's no exagerration. I've had close to about 100 oz of fluids to drink today, and I've only peed twice in my whole 9 hour day.

I'm hot, I'm sweaty, my feet are ginormous swollen, and I'm cranky.

But there is a definite silver lining...tomorrow I am going jet skiing and Monday I am going to Disneyland.

So maybe you don't have to feel that sorry for me.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to take a pass on feeling sorry for you.

rychelle said...

i would pass out. and then leave.

have fun at the happiest place on earth!

Karen said...

The AC in my building is broken the other way. It works TOO well. I'm constantly freezing. It's not uncommon for my fingers to turn purple and numb from sitting for 9 hours a day inside where it is only about 68 degrees. Which sounds heavenly when it's 95 outside, but not when you've been sitting in it for hours and hours.

Have fun at Disneyland! You'll be right up the street from me!