Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How To Finish Your Christmas Shopping All At Once

Buy everyone you know a copy of the new Flight Of The Conchords album, which comes out October 20th.


You're done.

Oh, and guess what, you're awesome, everyone loves you, and they all want you to be their Secret Santa. Bonus!


Kristina P. said...


And I'm so glad you wear Ann's earrings all the time! Did you get the white ones or the pink ones? I need to buy the pink ones. But I wear the white roses at least once a week.

NIKOL said...

So what you're saying is that for Christmas you wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world?

Kris said...

Kristina, I am writing myself a note to go home and take a pic of myself and the lovely white earrings so that I can finally blog about them. The guilt is just too much!

Nikol, that is EXACTLY what I'm saying. Perhaps they would like free chicken soup or used hackeysacks?

Karen said...

Awesome! It's like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one.

peewee said...

I still have to watch the rest of season 1. I have it on dvd. hmmmm....maybe I'll do that today!

NIKOL said...

Just commenting because it's Wednesday. And you know what that means.

That's why they call them business socks - OOH!