Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Krobert Stattinson Engaged!

So like, where do you think they're registered? I've totally been wanting to get them this crystal vampire fang ashtray that I saw, and now I have the perfect excuse! It's dazzling! (snerk)

Cause this is totally real and not in any way a marketing ploy to sell more magazines, right? US Weekly would never do that to its loyal readers! Thank goodness I have a subscription for the next 2 years, so I can stay informed of all the news and photos of the blessed event!

OMG, something totally just occured to me! Do you think they're (gasp!)...pregnant? Oh, please tell me they're expecting their very own evil precious little Renesmee!

P.S. Is it possible to gag on/vomit squee?


NIKOL said...

That picture of the two of them should be on Photoshop Disasters. Look at her right arm. It just sort of disappears.

I know Kristen Stewart hates him in real life. But Tabloid Reality is so much more fun. I'll go in on the fang ashtray with you.

Karen said...

I LOVE trashy tabloids and their made up news. It's so much fun to pretend it's real!