Friday, October 9, 2009

Crush Of The Week

This one is little bit embarrassing, you guys.

Let's face it, I'm kind of known for my very mature, very intellectual, very sophisticated crushes. Right? I mean, I like the Jonas Brothers because their lyrics have such poignant social commentary on our world. And Ryan Reynolds isn't just a pretty face or a set of precisely scultped abs. No. He writes articles for The Huffington Post. On important topics such as Competitive Eating.

I feel like I'm letting you down with my crush this week. I should be, and am, ashamed. This week's crush is:

The two hot brothers from The Vampire Diaries.

I'm embarassed to admit that I even watch this show. And kind of-maybe-even a little bit-like it. I started watching to see if it was going to be unintentionally funny, much like the Twilight movie, which was hilarious. But no, the show was just lame and stupid without the benefit of unintentional comedy. Boring. I was all set to give up and quit watching. But...then my coworker started talking about it and saying how fun it was and begged me to give it another chance. I naively agreed to watch one more episode. After all, the brothers were pretty cute, so at least there was eye candy.

And wouldn't you know it...last week's episode was actually kinda good and had just a tinge of mystery to keep me intrigued. Something about a magic pocket watch and some special herb/flower that is like kryptonite to vampires and the town's leaders knowing that "they" (meaning vampires) were back. Of course that means that I am now hooked. For good. Damn!

I extend my sincere apologies to you for such a trivial, ridiculous show and crush, no matter how aesthetically pleasing it may be. I'm truly sorry. I blame my coworker.


rychelle said...

i haven't seen the show, but DAMN those boys are hot!

NIKOL said...

The guy on the left looks familiar. Where do I know him from?

NIKOL said...

Nevermind. I just realized it's Boone from Lost. Nice to see him working again.

peewee said...

It's okay. I could watch Zac Efron just sit there, You're not alone.

Karen said...

You should apologize for watching that show, but you definitely don't need to for having a crush on Ian Somerhalder. He was a bit whiny as Boone, but I was sad they killed him cuz he's pretty.

Counselormama said...

Oh great, now I am going to have to watch this show, that one with the blue (green?) eyes is a hottie!