Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crush Of The Week

In honor of my super awesome, super sexy, cougar-licious-ness, I've decided to bring you my crush of the week. My crushes will most likely revolve around whatever show/movie I've watched recently, or whoever happens to be on the cover of US Weekly. That said, it should come as no surprise that this week's crush is.....

The entire cast of Glee.

I was going to just pick one cast member, like Finn, for example, as the adorable, cool, popular, football star who is actually quite a bit awkward and geeky. All the tension between him and Rachel honestly gives my stomach butterflies. I love it so much. Aww!

But then, I realized that the actor who plays him is actually 27 years old. So clearly he is far too old to be cougar bait.

So then I was going to pick Kristin Chenoweth, who guest starred last night, and who is completely adorable and pocket sized for easy portability. She's only 4'11" y'all! But she sings like she's bigger than Aretha Franklin. How does she do it?

But I think she's only doing the one guest spot, so I didn't want to leave out any of the regulars like Mr. Shue, Sue Sylvester, Kurt, or Emma.

Ultimately, I decided that truthfully, I have a crush on the entire cast, because they are all so good. It is the highlight of my sad, television addicted life. I look forward to my Wednesday night dates with my crushes all week.


Kristina P. said...

I literally just finished watching last night's episode. It was good! I don't seem to be as enamored with it as everyone else, but I do find it very enjoyable.

NIKOL said...

You have an extra big crush on Ken Tanaka, admit it. Rawr!

Kristin Chenoweth (who I lovingly refer to as Ity Bity, from her role on Pushing Daisies) is beyond awesome. I wish I could have seen her in Wicked!

rychelle said...

i added this show to my dvr lineup, because everyone has been talking about it. i need to get caught up on it this weekend.

Kris said...

Rychelle, if you don't like it, you have my permission to hobble or cane me.

Karen said...

I love Kristin. She is the most adorable person on the planet!

I haven't watched Glee. I'm trying to talk myself into adding it to my TV schedule.