Friday, October 2, 2009

I Just Gained 40 Pounds

Last Spring, when I went to the QVC Beauty Bash, one of the gifts I received was a couple of buttercream frosted sugar cookies from Cheryl & Co. They. Were. Awesome. My mouth practically went into shock and started hypersalivating.

Since Mother's Day was coming up shortly thereafter, I decided that a box of frosted cookies would make the perfect gift for my only living Grandma who lives all the way in Minnesota. I could have them shipped right to her door. Grandma loved them! But I never bought any for myself. I never had a reason, and it just seemed too frivolous to buy cookies for myself. I mean, I love to bake! But the thing is, I don't do cutout cookies with frosting. I've tried. They looked like I deocrated them with my feet. I shamefully gave them to my kids preschool for their Christmas party because I figured the kids wouldn't care that they looked awful, and I was too embarrassed to give them to anyone else. I had 5 dozen deformed bell, tree, and candy cane cookies. And you know what? It was a TON of work. My kitchen was in shambles, and all I had to show for it were mangled lumps of dough and frosting.

So I came up with a reason to order some Cheryl & Co cookies. I want them. Plain and simple. And they were on sale, so with shipping, they were only a small fortune and not a gigantic fortune. QVC has a deal on them, and lets face it...I'm a sucker for QVC.

Yesterday I came home to a fresh box of cookies. Did I mention that I bought them on auto-delivery? Yeah, so each month I get a new set. Next month I get these.

If you know me in real life, you can expect to get a few cookies from me. They're individually wrapped, so it makes giving (and freezing) them easy. I want you to try them. I want you to love them. Your mouth will thank you.

ETA: That's right...I'm not above bribing my friends!


rychelle said...

uhm......should i send you my mailing address? ;)

NIKOL said...

Those look amazing. And I don't even particularly like sugar cookies. Maybe that's because most of the sugar cookies I've had haven't been that tasty. I'm sure you know the cookie maker I'm talking about.

Kris said...

To be honest, I'm not crazy about all that orange food dye in the frosting, but I will risk having orange poo just to enjoy the cookies. The ones I have right now are apple shaped with white frosting and some red sprinkles. Maybe I should bring a few with me tonight in case I run into you at Oktoberfest.

Kristina P. said...

My part time job is to make those cookies, so you can totally thank me.

OK, I'm actually with you. I don't like to roll anything out.

The Boob Nazi said...

Yuuummmm cookies. Why is everyone blogging about treats???

Karen said...

Those look so amazing!

I love doing frosted butter cookies at Christmas. Mine aren't super fancy, but I think they're kind of cute and I have a lot of fun doing it. But they are a TON of work. It's true!

peewee said...

Yah! address is 138 N dertoit st. LA, CA 90036. My bday is nov 17. But, you know, whenever you wanna send em. I'm easy.