Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I don't look pissed anymore!

Despite the minimal amount of sleep I've been getting due to two sick kids, I'm in great form today. My company brings someone in to do chair massages every so often. 10 minutes for $10. With all the comments about needing a massage, I decided to treat myself. I booked myself for THREE of the masseuse's 10-minute time slots. I'm just greedy like that. She worked on the giant knots in my shoulders and I no longer wear them as earrings. I now have slopey, Sawyer shoulders again. Hooray!

In addition to feeling good, I look good today too. Yeah, I said it. I look good. Damn skippy. It's a great hair day and a great outfit day. I'm wearing cute black pencil skirt, black boots, an aqua sweater, and a chunky necklace in silver, black and aqua to tie it all together.

Not a bad day for a Wednesday.


rychelle said...

I need to talk to my boss about allowing us to get massages!

Madison! said...

Sawyer shoulders! Ha! (I have to say, non-angry Sawyer from the last episode did not please me. The smiles kind of freaked me out!)

NIKOL said...

How can his smiles freak you out? Dimples!!! I love them. Slopey shoulders, or no slopey shoulders: I'd still hit it.

I really should book myself a massage. I have SpaFinder gift certs from Christmas that I should put to use!

Kristina P. said...

I need to work in your office!