Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why do I look so pissed?

A coworker keeps asking me why I look so angry and intense today. Every time she walks by my office door, she asks what's wrong and tells me to smile.

I didn't realize I looked so pissed off. I don't feel angry. So with her reminder, I take that moment to unclench my jaw and relax my shoulders from being perched right at my ears, and I feel better for a few minutes. We chat about her 35th anniversary plans with her husband and she asks me about my munchkins. She goes back to her desk, I go back to my work...and a few minutes later, I'm wearing my shoulders as earrings again.

I know I've been mega stressed and overloaded lately, but I didn't realize it was actually readable on my face. Dude, it's affecting my looks!

I'm really not angry, but perhaps this is a big warning sign. If I turn green and start busting giant muscles out of my clothes, you had better run!

Grr! Kris angry! You not like Kris when she angry!


Kristina P. said...

Time for a massage!!

rychelle said...

when someone KEEPS asking me why i'm angry, it kind of makes me angry.

ditto kristina. go get that massage!

Autumn said...

Ooo, girl. I needs me a pair of shoulder earrings.