Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is it too early to wear white pants?

March 20th marked the official start of Spring. So is it okay for me to wear white pants? Because I already am today. They were calling to me.

"Wear your white pants today with your turquoise & white polka dot cardigan"

So I did. And even though its been pretty warm around San Diego the past few days, I still feel like it might have been too early to bust out the white pants. I feel like they tricked me a little bit. At least they didn't trick me into wearing them on the first day of my period.

Wait a minute....what day is today? 1...2....3......whew! Ok, I'm good.


NIKOL said...

It's entirely appropriate to wear white pants. I admire how brave you are to wear them. I haven't worn white pants since middle school. I had an unfortunate incident and ever since I've been too paranoid.

Kristina P. said...

I need a pair of white pants to show off my fire crotch. Bam! Used it again!

peewee said...

You live in San Diego. White pants are mandatory all year long. San Diego counts as "cruise wear"

rychelle said...

stacy and clinton, my personal style gurus, say it's ok. so, go for it!

your cardigan sounds adorable. i LOVE polka dots.