Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stealing Nikol's 5 Senses list

5 Senses TagList 4 things you love, and one thing you hate, for each category.

1. Baked desserts. Cookies, cakes, brownies, whatever
2. Laundry fresh from the dryer.
3. Lemon Pledge.
4. My 3 favorite perfumes: Amazing Grace by Philosophy, Betsey Johnson, and La Vanila plain vanilla (though I want to try their new lavender vanilla).
5. Hate: Dog breath.

1. My new plush bathmats from Costco. I’d roll around on them naked if my bathrooms were big enough. (You’re welcome for that visual)
2. Cuddles with my munchkins.
3. First night’s sleep on clean sheets.
4. Being rocked to sleep.
5. Hate: kissing a dude with a mustache. I imagine kissing a girl with a mustache would be equally bad.

1. Giggles.
2. Baby babbling.
3. Far off thunderstorms.
4. Jokes that end with “that’s what she said” or “I want to go to there”.
5. Hate: alarm clock buzzers or incessant coughing.

1. Cold Diet Pepsi with lots of ice.
2. Sees candy milk butterscotch squares or milk Bordeaux.
3. My friend Lisa’s homemade caramel syrup. I don’t even put it on anything. Just eat it out of the fridge with a spoon.
4. Carrots with the sauce from either the Lemon-Herb chicken or the Chicken Di Pana entrees at Cheesecake Factory.
5. Hate: fish/seafood. Stinky/gross.

1. My fave boy-toy celeb crushes. Too many to list…
2. Eric asleep in the recliner with one of the munchkins asleep on his chest. Actually, just seeing the kids asleep at all is kinda precious. They look so sweet and angelic.
3. Gifts that are wrapped all perfect & Martha Stewart-y. Even better when they are addressed to me! I suck at doing the fancy presentation details.
4. Horrible, gross, physical deformities on all those Discovery/Learning Channel shows. So awful yet so fascinating that I can’t look away. The wart/bark covered “tree” hand/foot guy? The giant, elephantitis leg lady? The huge, facial tumor child? Their pain & struggles are so sad, but I'm amazed by their strength. I love watching those things. Truly fascinating.
5. Hate: poo stains in the toilet.


NIKOL said...

I am twelve, and therefore giggled like mad when I read about the poo stains.

And dude...Lisa's caramel syrup! That stuff is awwwwwesome. You know, when I was on maternity leave after having Simon, my mom would make that French Toast & syrup thing once or twice a week and bring it to me for breakfast. I love her so.

Kris said...

Dude, the toilet brush is RIGHT THERE! It takes like a second to scrub that stuff off. GET RID OF THE EVIDENCE!

rychelle said...

I'm pretty sure you need to ship me some of that caramel sauce.